Love yourself was the topic of the English Support Group Monday night. While they may seem like simple questions, it can often be hard for a victim of Domestic Violence (DV)  and Sexual Assault(SA) to find ways to not only love themselves but finding ways to feel happy again as well.

What would you LOVE to try, where would you LOVE to go to, what would you LOVE to let go of, what would you LOVE to make, what would you LOVE to learn more about, but most of all when do you feel LOVE?

As a group each person discussed each of these questions, and found that we would all LOVE to let go of the past, and learn to LOVE ourselves again. While this may not happen right away, each of these are hard to do, letting go of the past can be difficult because of connections that we all have to others. Learning to LOVE yourself is just as difficult as a victim of DV and SA due to the abuse we have all been put through. It is with a group such as ours that we have found that learning to LOVE ourselves is easier when you have a great support system to remind you that you deserve to not only feel LOVE but to know that we are LOVED.