Being a victim of domestic violence can bring many feelings to the surface for each person affected. The body for a victim is described as a container – as it remembers the darkness, feels the torment, senses fear and lives in shame.

Freedoms are created when we :

Stop all forms of self sabotage and limiting beliefs : identifying the behaviors that have paralyzed us helps to get to the root of the thoughts and feelings that influence our behaviors. Limiting beliefs are a misinterpretation of our past – the past does not determine our future.

Stop blaming others: accept responsibility if part of the journey to freedom. Make a conscious choice to choose our response to everything that happens around us.

Forgive others who have hurt us: forgiveness will free us, heal us, nurture us, and release us. Forgiveness will fill us with compassion and empower us. In order for forgiveness to be effective, something has to die and allowing ourselves to freedom from our anger brings one closer to their sense of self.

Forgive ourselves: Forgiving ourselves is essential to spiritual evolution and freedom

Reclaim our personal power: taking action and making changes when necessary to make conscious and deliberate decisions leads to mastering the self .. not others.

The one thing to remember is that our story is not over, we can however write the ending that we wish to receive by getting past pain and moving through it.