Tonight’s topic dealt with baggage. We all have baggage no matter how big or small it might be, we all still have some sort of baggage that weighs us down. By being able to write down and toss that baggage away, some people felt relief and some felt that there was no change. Going forward in our lives is key and leaving either all of some of the baggage at the door, even if it is just long enough to have a small piece of relief…that is the first step.

Support Group Activity:

Baggage .. we all have it; how do we handle it????

Do not put your name on your paper

  1. Write down on a piece of paper
    1. what is bothering you,
    2. what is heavy on your heart
    3. what is hurting you
    4. what is making you happy, etc.
  1. Wad the paper up,
  2. Throw it in the bag.
  3. Pick a piece of paper out of the bag
  4. Read out loud what your peer wrote

***If you wish to state that you wrote what your peer is reading, please do so, if not that is fine, know that we are here for each other and no matter how difficult things get you have someone here that cares about you.

This bag will be in support group on the door each week. Please remember that we all have baggage, but we are all here to support one another. Know that you are not alone, you are loved, you are cared about and know that we all have each other’s back.