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Co-Parenting with Your Abuser

If you have children with your abuser, then you already know how difficult it is to maintain a civil co-parenting status with

Co-Parenting with Your Abuser2018-08-29T14:44:17-05:00

When They’re Not Ready for Help

Your family member/best friend/coworker/neighbor discloses to you that he or she is having “relationship difficulties.” With a bit more digging, you come

When They’re Not Ready for Help2018-08-24T13:24:42-05:00

There’s a Way Out: How to Safety Plan

But one day–tired of her life, tired of the evil before her, she found the courage to break her silence. She stood facing

There’s a Way Out: How to Safety Plan2018-08-06T10:03:48-05:00

Make A Difference

Concerned citizens of all ages can become involved in prevention: Report suspected mistreatment to the local APS agency or law enforcement. Although a

Make A Difference2018-06-29T13:08:37-05:00

Representing Yourself in Court

If you’re planning to go to court to secure a permanent order of protection against your batterer, the ideal situation is to

Representing Yourself in Court2018-06-11T08:41:49-05:00

Don’t Stay for the Kids

“Her hands fumbled the doorknob, in hopes of a new beginning. But she dared not go.” Every victim has their reasons why

Don’t Stay for the Kids2018-05-31T12:09:09-05:00

Minority Women and Domestic Violence

By Kathyrn Carlson; Bright Horizons Shelter Advocate Racial minority women who are involved in domestic violence situations often do not see the

Minority Women and Domestic Violence2018-04-25T07:32:34-05:00
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